Intense Technologies has provided consulting services to at least 27 firms, applying expertise in computer vision to applications such as:

  • Finding red marker tape in aerial images;
  • Inspecting pulp chips to detect contaminants;
  • Detecting the centroid of a laser beam image;
  • Counting the entry and exit of transit passengers;
  • Feasibility of using depth from defocus on space station robotics;
  • Tracking the 3D position of a patient's head during PET scans;
  • Automated grading of lumber;
  • Gauging and alignment of wood strands for Oriented Strand Board;
  • Counting skipped dots in half tone print;
  • Saw blade tooth gauging;
  • Pattern matching for 3D spine visualization after scoliosis surgery;
  • Counting vitamin pills in plastic packets;
  • Grading used golf balls;
  • Inspecting injection molded plastic parts;
  • Paper formation testing;
  • Paper web break detection; and
  • Paper web inspection.